Our domestic services are delivered via high frequency microwave (wireless) links from our equipment located on numerous transmission towers to a radio transceiver mounted on the roof of your premises. You do not require a telephone line.

We provide nominally symmetrical services of 20Mbs, 30Mbs and 50Mbs both up and down. These service speeds (bandwidth) may vary dependant upon numerous factors including, but not limited to:

  1. Number of customers using the service :

    The internet is like water; the more people who hose the garden at one time, the less the flow of water at each hose.

  2. Type of content being accessed by customers :

    Customers watching movies use a lot more data that customers browsing the web. Continuing the water analogy, watching a movie is like filling your pool with a fire hose.

  3. Time of day:

    In the evening large numbers of people now stream movies to their televisions instead of watching free-to-air shows.

  4. Location of the source of the data :

    Data sources (eg: servers streaming movies) need to be located on internet links which are big enough to carry all the data for the thousands of customers accessing the service. A very popular first release movie that everyone wants to watch on the initial release date, may overload their system.

  5. Type of devices using the internet :

    A smart phone has a much smaller screen than a television. Televisions will use more data to display the same content. Watching a movie on one television is like watching the same on several smart phones.

All of the equipment installed to provide the service including the radio transceiver, the power, switching and WiFi equipment within and on the premises, remains the property of ReddeNet Pty Ltd and may be recovered by ReddeNet at the conclusion of any or all services.

Equipment which requires replacement or updating will be replaced at the expense of ReddeNet Pty Ltd.


All of our services are offered without a long term contract. The implicit contract is one month. You will be required to pay in advance, an installation fee which will include your first month’s usage.

Charges for subsequent service will be levied for each addition month in accordance with pricing schedule.

The service can be terminated without additional charge by providing notice prior to the monthly renewal date (see Billing).


  • The duration of a service period is one (1) calendar month.

  • The cost of the first month of service is included in the installation fee.

  • The fee charged for each subsequent month of service is calculated from the scale of charges below based upon the amount of data used in the previous month.

  • The minimum charge for a service period is $30.00

  • The maximum charge for a service period is $100.00.

  • We do not pro-rata service charges for periods less than one calendar month.

  • A service can be cancelled at the end of any service period.

  • A service will be automatically renewed for another calendar month at the end of the current service period subject to suitable payment.

  • Non-payment of pre-paid charges for a future service period will result in termination of the service at the end of the current service period.

  • Restoration of a service after an unpaid period that is less than one calendar month will require the payment of the outstanding charges for that month’s service.

  • Restoration of a service after an unpaid period that is greater than one calendar month and where the equipment has not been removed, will require the payment of a re-connection fee which will include the next month’s service fee.

  • Restoration of a service after the equipment has been removed, will be considered as a new installation and will be charged accordingly.


You are not required to choose a data plan. Your monthly data charge is calculated upon your actual usage in the previous month on a scale ranging from $30.00 to $100.00 per month increasing in $10.00 steps.

  • The minimum charge of $30.00 allows for the use of 4Gb (Gigabytes) of data

  • For each $10.00 step, the data allowance doubles from the previous lower step ie: $40.00 = 8Gb; $50.00 = 16Gb; $60.00 = 32Gb; $70.00 = 64Gb; $80.00 = 128Gb; $90.00 = 256Gb

  • The maximum charge of $100.00 allows for the use of 512Gb (Gigabytes) of data

Data usage is calculated on both uploads and downloads.

If you exceed the maximum data allowance of 521Gb the service will be bandwidth shaped (a reduction in speed) for the remainder of the current service period.

We do not offer top up deals for excess data. You may choose to upgrade to a commercial service.


Payment can be made by:

  • Direct Debit : We will withdraw the necessary funds from your account on the due date and this ensures continuity of service.

  • Pay on Invoice : An invoice for the next service period will be sent to you prior to the termination of your current service period. This invoice must be paid prior to the roll-over date or we will consider that you no longer require the service and it will be disconnected. Additional charges may apply to the restoration of terminated services as per above.


Complaints can be lodged by calling 07 5452 7200 or emailing us at

If you are not able to have your complaint resolved satisfactorily you may contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) on 1800 062 058 or


Customer Service Details

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