My name is Howard Graham. Originally from Anglesey, North Wales, I started teaching in Sidcup Kent in 1982. I have created 100% digital resources since 2004 I am a big fan of IWB,Android,Prezi and have become seriously addicted to edstudio during 2012. I am delighted to report that after 30+ years I still smile about teaching.
I design + build my own hifi amps + speakers
I love Synth UK and while sidewalking I listen to John Foxx,VNV Nation,Numan,Underworld and Kraftwerk.

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Year 10 Studios
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  • Year 10 Access keys
  • Maths 10.1 S95101441
  • Science 10.1 S28496461
  • Science 10.2 S882100072
  • Science 10.3 S52164094
  • Science 10.4 S6772644
  • My favourite amplifier below (Sony TA-N7)

My briefcase has been replaced by a laptop. For the last eight years every lesson has been created, presented and stored as a digital file. I am now confident that I can survive without paper resources. At the end of 2006 I filled up three wheelie bins with old files and text books. All of my senior subject lessons, assignments, marking criteria sheets and other resources are available for my students to use as EdStudios

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Teaching is all about inspiring young people to strive to achieve their maximum potential. While this sounds simple the process requires a complex set of skills and resources. It is this complexity and skill that makes this a fascinating and fulfilling profession

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links for senior students (11-12)
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Science Animations

Some of the best Flash Animations

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(07) 5453 311
Email: hgrah10@eq.edu.au
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